She Wanted a Pony Instead She Built a Paradise


As a child growing up in Columbus, Ohio, the closest Bobbie Golden ever got to agriculture was dreaming about having a pony.  Even when she would tell her children, "someday" I'm going have a farm," it always felt like a fantasy. It still felt that way in 1998, when Bobbie and her husband, Fred, now living in Florida, decided to look for 20 acres, "just to give their two rescue dogs and one ornery cat a place to roam, Bobbie reasoned.

The couple found a parcel near Tallahassee, but it wasn't exactly the stuff farm dreams are made of. It was overgrown and wild with only an old mobile home to live in. But Bobbie, then 62 and newly retired, had the vision to see well beyond the weeds. Read about the paradise Bobbie Golden built.