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Loans for your rural way of life

Whether you are buying, building or refinancing, no other lender understands the rural way of life like Farm Credit.  Why? Our experienced lenders live and work here, and love the rural lifestyle too.

Farm Credit offers home lending options just for you:

  • Lots, single-family homes, or large tracts of land
  • Build now or later
  • Competitive interest rates and loan terms
  • One time close, home construction loans

Let Farm Credit help you put down roots and make your home ownership dream a reality.

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This will depend on your employment history, credit history, current savings and debts, and the amount of down payment you want to make. 

Give Farm Credit of Northwest Florida a call, and we can help you determine exactly how much you can afford and work to help you find the loan that’s right for you.

The cash needed to purchase a home depends on a number of items. Generally, you will need:

  1. Earnest Deposit: this includes a deposit made to the seller representing a buyer’s good faith to buy a home. This is typically held in an escrow account until closing and applied to the buyer’s down payment and closing costs.
  2. Down Payment: Depending on the loan amount and mortgage terms, the down payment will be a percentage of the cost of the home due at closing. Farm Credit is a full service residential mortgage lender that offers a wide variety of loan products including USDA/Rural Housing Home Loans and VA Loans with no money down and Conventional Loans with as little as 3% down for first-time homebuyers.
  3. Closing Costs: These costs include items like the appraisal, survey fee, title insurance fees, pre-paid interest and documentation fees.     

When you get pre-qualified, you’ve presented your financial situation including your income, debts, employment history, and available funds. Once you’re pre-qualified, you will receive a Pre-Qualification Letter, which states your lender is confident, based on the information provided, you’ll qualify for a loan at a stated amount.

To be pre-approved means your lender has done a thorough review and verification of your income, assets, employment and credit to determine you’re qualified for the loan. You’ll receive a pre-approval letter for an exact loan amount.

Both pre-qualification and pre-approval letters are good for a specific amount of time and dependent on no material or significant changes to your employment or financial situation prior to closing.

PMI is private mortgage insurance. This insurance is required on mortgage programs requiring no or little (generally, less than 20%) down payment.   The premium is typically included in your monthly mortgage payment.   Once you have paid down your loan balance to 80% or less or the home’s original appraised value you can request the PMI be cancelled.

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"It didn’t feel like I was working with a credit lender, it felt like I was working with family or friends to get what we wanted. We wanted to be in the country and they were so helpful in getting us there."

Pam Manaton

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