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Farm Loans

No one understands the cycles of farming and how they can affect your business better than Farm Credit. The team of loan officers at Farm Credit specializes in financing all types of farming operations. We understand the complex needs and demands of a successful operation and are committed to your success. We make loans from pastures to porches:

  • Real estate
  • Farm improvements
  • Purchasing machinery and equipment
  • Cars and trucks
  • Operating loans
  • Livestock and equine purchases
  • Fences, barns, greenhouses or other buildings
  • Home loans

We also finance numerous agricultural commodities. From cattle to cotton, peanuts to poultry, and sugar cane to sweet potatoes - if you can grow or raise it, we can finance it. We even have programs for financing aquatic products. 

Full and Part-time Farmers

For full-time farmers (individuals whose primary business is the production of agricultural products), Farm Credit can lend for all agricultural and family needs, as well as non-agricultural needs, including automobiles and trucks, education expenses, home improvements, vacation expenses, and much more.

We also have programs for part-time farmers. Even though it may not be your primary career, we know that farming part-time is important to your way of life. For the individual who owns agricultural land or produces agricultural products on a part-time basis, Farm Credit can lend for all agricultural and family needs. We may also be able to provide for your non-agricultural needs dependent upon your level of farm involvement.

Agribusiness Loans

In addition to loaning directly to farmers, Farm Credit can lend money to businesses that process and/or market agricultural products and businesses that provide services to farmers (such as crop spraying, seed cleaning, cotton ginning, sawmill operations, peanut buying points, etc.). If your business is connected to agriculture, contact us to speak with one of our agribusiness loan officers. Farm Credit specializes in agriculture and we look forward to discussing your needs.

Not Just Farms

Did you know that Farm Credit finances more than just farms and agribusiness? We finance large and small tracts of land, with or without home or building sites.

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